Application Process is handled by the Admissions Department at Techni-Pro Institute
The application process consists of two parts; the admissions process and the financial aid process. The admissions process consists of filling out the Program Application and gathering the necessary documentation required by the school.

After this, the next step is the financial aid process; if the student requires any sort of grant or scholarship, and/or a private loan the admissions team handles the documentation collection and processing in order to aid the student in obtaining the financial assistance required. The student and transcript are then forwarded to Academics. The following is a summary of the application process…

  • Student inquires about the program
  • The student is informed about their selected program and financial aid opportunities
  • The student is directed to fill out the program application online
  • The student pays the $75 and is now enrolled in the 101 Orientation class
  • The student works with Admissions and the Bursar Office on Financial Aid options
  • Prior taking the 101 Orientation class the students must submit transcript and other required documents

Enrollment Process is handled by the Academics Department at Techni-Pro Institute
The Academic Department ensures that all students understand all necessary requirements for graduation. This includes ensuring all instructors are advising their students regarding mandatory courses, the minimum grade point average, and the total credit hours required to be completed in order to graduate.

Once the student has completed the admission process the Academic director will provide a tuition breakdown for the students using the transcript they submit in the admission process. This breakdown will reflect the amount owed after all acceptable credits have been applied and will reflect the classes needed to complete the program. Once the student has agreed to continue they will be forwarded to our bursar to enroll in a payment plan before being enrolled into core classes.

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