In your service request email, please include:

  1. First Name and Last Name
  2. Student ID #
  3. A full description of the service you need

Staff respond to service requests during campus office hours, Mondays through Thursdays 9 am to 5:30 pm and Fridays 9 am to 4:00 pm.
Students requesting service will receive a call and or email within 2 business days.

Services for Active Students

Techni-Pro Institute encourages active students to take full advantage of services to support their success. In the list below, click on the service you want to get the contact information you need:
Academic Advisement
Emergency Leave of Absence and Assignment Completion Contracts
Financial Agreements and Tuition Status
IT Support 
Library Resources and Assistance
Records Maintained by the Registrar
Reporting Complaints or Issues

Academic Advisement
Academic advisors assist students with planning their course schedules. Advisors consider your work and family commitments, determine how much time you need to study for your course(s), and help you choose the best scheduling options for academic success.
Request an academic advisement appointment at

Financial Agreements and Tuition Status
Our Bursar helps Techni-Pro Institute students gain a full understanding of career school and college financial agreements.
Additional information: Financing Tuition
To avoid tuition payment issues, a best practice for students is to thoroughly discuss financing and payment options with the Bursar and make an informed plan to achieve tuition payment goals.
Request an appointment with the Bursar at

IT Support
Techni-Pro Institute has a full-time IT Specialist on campus during office hours.
Notice: If for any reason, students are unable to access Orbund or CoursePoint online course(s) or materials, students should notify instructor(s) in writing as soon as possible:
1) To resolve access issues, our Campus IT Specialist may need to coordinate a solution with service managers for Orbund or CoursePoint Learning
Management Systems.
2) When faculty members are aware technology issues are disrupting studies, then they will work with academic advisers to help affected students resume studies and stay on track.
As with all administrative services, students receive a response to IT Support requests within two business days. Service for IT emergencies affecting multiple students are prioritized.
Request an appointment with the IT Specialist at

Library Resources and Assistance
Is it your first time writing a paper using APA standards? Do you need help navigating online research data bases? Our virtual librarian is available to assist students with academic research, resources, and APA formatting.
Request assistance from the Librarian at

Records Maintained by the Registrar
The Registrar maintains records students submit to Techni-Pro Institute during the Admissions process, records of students’ academic progress, and graduates’ records. On the Transcript Request page, alumni will find a convenient form to submit an order to the Registrar. In addition to facilitating registration and enrollment, the Registrar receives and verifies documents to keep vital records up to date, for example, official name changes, residency classifications, and graduate employment status.
Request assistance from the Interim Registrar at

Complaints and Issues
To submit a Complaint or Issue, you must login to Orbund.
Sometimes, students have complaints or issues and are not sure what service they need or who to contact for a solution. When a student reports a problem through the Complaints and Issues form, administrative directors make certain the student receives a call and/or email from the staff members who can help. To find the “Complaints and Issues” form students must first login to Orbund (Learning Management System). Once logged in, follow the instructions in the video below

Business team with monitor having discussion