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Techni-Pro Institute’s Library and Information Resources Network Techni-Pro Institute

Log In Instructions:
1. Click TPI LIRN System on the link to open our LIRN.
2. The LIRN ID for Techni-Pro Institute is given to TPI students ONLY, call Academics for more info.
3. Once you are on the LIRN Gateway Menu, there is a search box on the right that allows you to search across vendors.
4. Click on the row of tabs at the top to navigate through different sections or to log out of the account.

Techni-Pro Institute’s ShadowHealth Clinical Rotations Virtual System

Log In Instructions:
1. Click ShadowHealth Clinical Rotation Virtual System to be taken to our virtual clinical rotation system.
2. The Techni-Pro Institute’s ShadowHealth login is given to Techni-Pro Institute students ONLY, call Academics for more info.
3. Follow directions given by the Clinical Rotations Administrator at all times to get the most out of ShadownHealth.

Techni-Pro Institute 2020-2021 Student Catalog:

Click to download PDF.
Business team with monitor having discussion