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With a passion for imparting the caring philosophy, Gilbert Hyppolite, M.Ed. founded the family-owned and operated Techni-Pro Institute, LLC in 1992 at Boca Raton, Florida. We have highly experienced health care instructors that impart their knowledge and experience to our most deserving students. Our classes have a low student-to-teacher ratio, thus providing personalized attention to facilitate student’s development. Aside from learning within the four-walls of the classroom, we expose our students to various medical facilities through clinical internships.

Before engaging in our nursing programs, students are offered classes that focus on basic education courses as prerequisites. We also focus on core healthcare topics and coursework for examination and licensure. With our highly commendable trilingual professors and quality English classes, we assure you that language barriers will never be an issue.

A comprehensive and personalized style in first-class healthcare education is what you can expect at Techni-Pro Institute. This is what sets us apart from the competition and allows us to produce highly qualified professionals who are capable of performing exceptionally well in the healthcare industry. For further details, don’t hesitate to contact us at 561-395-1444 or send a message to


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