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Once an RN to BSN degree has been awarded, graduates will possess the skills to provide safe and effective nursing care to achieve identified health outcomes and evaluate/document such progress

  • 180 Credit Hours
  • 16 Months

Entrance Requirements

  • Current Registered Nurse License in Good Standing
  • Copy of Official Transcript(s)
  • $75 Non-Refundable Application Fee
  • Passed the Entrance Exam per TPI Policy
  • Signed Enrollment Agreement
  • TPIAP 115.5 Credits Awarded

Program Breakdown

ENC1202 English Composition II 4.5 Credit Hours
MAD107 Medicine and Disease 4.5 Credit Hours
STAT2023 Statistics 4.5 Credit Hours
BSN300 Nurse Baccalaureate Transition 4.5 Credit Hours
MBO201 Microbiology 4.5 Credit Hours
NUT301 Human Nutrition 4.5 Credit Hours
NUR401 Nursing Theorist and Principles of Nursing Practice 4.5 Credit Hours
NUR402 Healthcare Issues Policies and Economies 4.5 Credit Hours
NUR403 Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing 4.5 Credit Hours
NUR404 Advanced Health Assessment 4.5 Credit Hours
NUR405 Advanced Psychopathology 4.5 Credit Hours
NUR406 Cultural and Spiritual Aspects of Nursing Care 4.5 Credit Hours
NUR407 Transformational Leadership in Nursing 4.5 Credit Hours
NUR408 Community Health Nursing 4.5 Credit Hours
NUR409 Nursing Informatics 4.5 Credit Hours
NUR410 Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice 4.5 Credit Hours

Received Upon Program Completion:

  • RN to BSN
Class Hours:
Day Session Monday-Thursday 9:00am-1:00pm
Evening Session Monday-Thursday 6:00pm-10:00pm
Business team with monitor having discussion